A CDPE is a Certified Distressed Property Expert. It’s one of the most highly regarded designations in the real estate industry. CDPEs have a thorough understanding of complex issues in today‚Äôs turbulent real estate industry and knowledge of foreclosure avoidance options available to homeowners. CDPEs can provide solutions for homeowners who are facing challenges with maintaining their mortgage obligations by helping create a dignified resolution.

Many homeowners fail to consult with a CDPE or even know who they are. The most recent statistics show that over 70% of homeowners that go into foreclosure never consulted with a real estate professional of any kind prior to losing their home. Many homeowners are in a financial & emotional depression because of their current situation, and they feel that by avoiding the calls, letters, notices, etc that it will somehow get better on it’s own. This mindset may not be rational, but it’s very common among nearly all homeowners who have/are facing foreclosure. That why it’s extremely important to speak with a professional that can work with you to create a realistic plan that fits your unique situation. Through comprehensive training and experience CDPEs have tools to help homeowners find the best solutions for their unique situation.

Living through financial difficulties and potential foreclosure can pose an overwhelming challenge for any family. You need to have the assistance of a professional that truly understands how to help you through every step of the way. The CDPE Designation ensures you have a trained professional to address your specific needs. You can rest assure that their extensive training will provide you the protection you need and finally give you the peace of mind that you have a trusted partner that will guide you safely through this entire process.

CDPEs do not merely assist in selling properties, they provide expert help to better their clients & community.